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Free of Charge

We offer our Patent and Trademark legal services free of charge.  The client is only responsible for filing costs as set by the USPTO.  That cost varies based on the type of entity filing.


We can help you determine whether your invention or mark is eligible for protection.


The Clinic receives more inquiries for services than it can provide. High-quality books and manuals have been written – and are provided to individuals at printing cost – to provide some guidance to potential clients that are not accepted into the clinic. Books & manuals can be purchased through Amazon

Apply for Services

If you are ready to get started, submit a form here.

Pro Bono Clinic Services

If potential clients are located in the state of California, no financial limitation is imposed. Additionally, for those with a financial need (e.g. not to exceed 150% of federal poverty guidelines, the Clinic does not impose any geographic restrictions.

Client Counseling

The Clinic counsels clients on whether their invention is potentially patentable, or if a trademark is potentially registerable.

Patentability &
Registerability Searches

A search may be performed to determine if your invention is novel and non-obvious, and/or if your mark has already been registered.

Patent/Trademark Application Drafting

A patent application includes a detailed description of the invention with accompanying figures. A trademark application includes an indication of when your mark was first in use, and the specific goods and/or services it may relate to. Other applicable forms (including a power of attorney) are filed as needed.

Responses to USPTO Office Action Rejections

Typically, after submitting a patent or trademark application, a rejection is mailed explaining the substantive and/or procedural reasons for rejecting the application. The Clinic assists with providing a response to such rejection.

USPTO Examiner Interviews

The Clinic may conduct interviews with the Examiner to bridge the gap between an examiner and an applicant with regard to the substantive matters and issues in an application.



To apply for services, the Clinic accepts applications for review only during the months of June-July. If an application is submitted outside of the window of review (outside of June-July time period), it will not be processed. The deadline for applying for services (for the following academic year) is the last day of July every year. During the month of August, all submitted applications are reviewed. The Clinic will indicate by the end of August whether your application was placed in the queue for services for the following semester.



For more information on the Clinic, feel free to download the Clinic brochure.